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It all began with a captivating glimpse of the breathtaking clouds in Canada. As the young man's eyes fell upon that serene expanse of blue, a dream took root in his mind - a dream of a life as tranquil and comforting as those soft clouds.


On Christmas Eve of 2011, the first designs were fashioned in Toronto. Collections came to life on a small desk, home to every stage from the selection of the finest, softest material to the skilled handcraft, the Jovial Cloud® brand has been anchored by a warm peaceful spirit, travelling seamlessly between Canadian lifestyle, art, and design, bringing new layers of love with each new line.



Our vision extends beyond creating cozy hoodies and robes. We aspire to build a vibrant community hub, where people can connect, share, and even lead their own lifestyle trends. Building genuine relationships with our customers is of utmost importance to us. We strive to understand their passions and help them celebrate their life goals.


Initially, our designs catered primarily to women's loungewear. However, as we received valuable feedback and witnessed growing demand from our customers, we expanded our product collections to include men, kids, babies, and outdoor relaxation. Whether it's a mild day or a chilly evening, whether you're hiking or enjoying a movie night, our products promise to envelop your family in the coziest of experiences. It's not just about comfort; it's about embracing a luxurious lifestyle.



A constant that has never wavered is our desire to bring people their best body feels as they enjoy relaxation by providing the perfect selection of exclusive materials and unique crafts. Our core values of quality, integrity, balance, greatness,  and nature are lived by our team every day and are at the heart of our enthusiastic company culture. We live the life we love. We make perfection we pursue.


Jovial Cloud®A Canadian Brand


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